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We’ve had a busy year at  Our breeding plots were excellent and we are excited about adding 8 NEW sunflowers for 2015. One visitor this year asked if we travel a lot collecting all the sunflowers that we sell. Not at all. All of the varieties we sell are bred and produced by us. We maintain thousands of our own types of ornamental sunflowers at our parent company, NuFlowers, LLC. Each year we cross lines with unique traits and select progeny plants with the combinations of traits in subsequent years that we believe our customers will appreciate. After 38 years of sunflower breeding we have a pretty good idea what to cross and what to expect in the offspring! Besides adding new varieties this year we have expanded our information resources by creating a Library link that connects you with ideas and solutions.


So, what’s NEW in 2015? We decided to load up on reds – some old and some new, but all developed by us! Chianti was the first pollen-less red sunflower released many years ago.  And yes, we developed it and now we include it in our collection.  Compare it to its sister Black Beauty being introduced for the first time in 2015. And have a look at our new waist high bushy red, Red Wave. Combined with our Moulin Rouge and ProCut Red, you have the largest selection of red sunflowers in one place, all developed by us.

We also developed Sundance Kid years ago. Sundance Kid and its sister variety Double Dandy are two  short, very early, branching sunflowers that have semi-double petals that you won’t see on any other sunflowers. Group them with another new dwarf variety, Little Tiger, that explodes with a flame-like color.

Butter Chiffon offers a softer pastel color flower on a profusely branching plant that is chest high. It is suitable for small bouquet flowers and mixes well with any of our peach or lemon petal color varieties.

You asked for it and we are happy to include Feed the Birds, a high oil content black seed sunflower hybrid whose seeds are just like those found in wild bird seed mixes.  Plant Feed the Birds with your ornamentals and leave the seed heads for the birds throughout the winter.

Flower growers around the world plant our sunflower seeds.  Our seeds are produced in California under strict quality standards. We clean our seeds meticulously before packaging and monitors the germination on a continual basis before the seeds are packed and shipped from our temperature controlled warehouse here in California. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible seed quality. promises to bring you the best and newest ornamental sunflowers as they are developed. Visit us often throughout the year to see the fantastic sunflowers that we develop for you. Remember, perfect flowers start with quality seeds from the source-!

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