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Wow, 2017 and three more new varieties of sunflower developed and produced by our  plant breeders.   We continue to expand our  range of downy mildew resistant (DMR) sunflowers in our award winning ProCut® series.  Procut® BiColor DMR is resistant to the most common races of downy mildew identified.   Together with ProCut® Orange DMR,  growers who have been plagued by downy mildew now have options.   Next, we introduce a flower-loaded variety aptly named Country Roads that was inspired by road trips across America.   And we are bringing back a favorite short variety mixture of ours,  Tinies ,  that  produces delicate  daisy-like multicolored flowers on early branching  short plants.   Finally, we have new inventory of Gypsy CharmerProCut® Plum, Stella, and Baby Bear, all of which sold out last year!  We truly have something for everyone who visits

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We continue to add new information to our Library for the benefit of all sunflower growers.  You will find lots of information on cultural practices used to grow sunflower and solve problems that you might encounter.

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Remember we breed the sunflowers we sell, and we produce the seeds.   Flower growers around the world trust our work.  Our seeds are produced in California under strict quality standards.  We clean our seeds meticulously before packaging and monitors the germination on a continual basis.   We package and ship our seeds from our temperature controlled warehouse here in California.  Our goal is to provide you with the best possible seed quality.

Our mission is simple. promises to bring you the best and newest ornamental sunflowers as they are developed and tested by our plant breeders.  Visit us often throughout the year to see the fantastic sunflowers we offer.   And remember, perfect sunflowers start with quality seeds from the source –!  Thanks for stopping by.


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