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Welcome to continue to innovate this year, our 37th year of ornamental sunflower breeding, combining traits from our extensive collection of ornamental sunflowers. Our goal as always is to present the very best results from our research and testing program at NuFlowers, LLC.

Thank you, our customers, for your enthusiastic response to our newest sunflowers - ProCut Red, Greenburst, Lemon Sorbet, Apricot Daisy and Peach Passion.

At we strive to create as many combinations of petal and color types as possible. We take pride in our customers saying, "That it doesn't even look like a typical sunflower." That means we have done our job well and met our objective of expanding the use and appreciation of sunflower. We literally want to see one of our sunflowers in every bouquet at every corner market, every florist, and every farmer's market! We think sunflowers can be used for any occasion and we want to make that happen. Whether you are a commercial cut sunflower grower looking for seeds of the best cutting varieties of sunflower, a local farmer's market enthusiast, or simply a serious hobby gardener who enjoys novelty and diversity, you will always find the right sunflower at

Our seeds are produced in California under strict quality standards. Flower growers around the world plant our seeds. We clean our seeds meticulously before packaging and monitors germination on a continual basis before the seeds are packed and shipped from our temperature controlled warehouse here in California. Our varieties are developed by traditional plant breeding methods. They are non-GMO, but to be fair to others, at this writing, there is no registered GMO sunflower sold anywhere in the world by any seed company. promises to bring you the best and newest ornamental sunflowers as they are developed. Visit us often throughout the year to see the fantastic sunflowers that we develop for you. Remember, perfect flowers start with quality seeds from the source-!

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