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American Giant Hybrid- Seeds Now Available!

Product Information

American Giant Hybrid pushes the label of “giant” to new frontiers in sunflower gardening. Almost everybody saves a corner of the garden to pull out all the stops and grow a giant sunflower specimen using all their fertilizer and watering tricks. American Giant Hybrid was developed especially to respond to your best gardening efforts. It is a huge (and we mean huge) improvement on the old garden varieties that you nursed along in the garden only to see them fall to the ground with the first big wind after flowering. American Giant Hybrid grows tall and stays standing long after the others fall. In fact, you may have to literally get out a saw and cut it down at the end of the year. Or leave it through the winter for the birds and squirrels to enjoy the seeds and to remind your neighbors of your gardening prowess. Don’t believe that the American Giant is a huge sunflower? We have seen it grow as tall as 17 feet! Now, that is a large sunflower.

Petal Color : Yellow
Face Color : Dark
Pollen : Yes
Stem : Single
Maturity : Late
Height : 8ft (240cm) to 15ft (450cm)
1000 Seed Weight : 100 grams
Uses : Garden Giants
Ideas to try : Give it space to encourage a huge head! requires a minimum purchase total of $15.00 on all orders. We realize that this policy is not always convenient to you, our valued customer.

However, the real constraints of packaging, shipping, and internet sales dictate this minimum transaction amount if we are to remain a viable business that continues to bring you innovative sunflower offerings.

We invite you to sample other varieties to complete your minimum order.

Thank you!

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