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Terms And Conditions


Sunflower wants you to enjoy your sunflower experience.   It is beyond the control of to have tested the performance of its many varieties  in all possible growing locations. Sunflower is a plant that is sensitive to variations in temperature and photoperiod.  Likewise,  many other factors such as soil fertility, fertilizer use, pathogen incidence,  and moisture availability will greatly influence sunflower plant growth  and flower development.  If you,  the Buyer,  are unsure of your growing environment or have large economic risk associated with your seed planting, we urge  you to test our varieties first.    We rely on the positive feedback of our customers and our exhaustive trials in our own growing fields,  however we cannot guarantee or warrant the performance, growth, or expression of traits of varieties planted in the Buyer’s locale.  It is expressly understood that upon purchase of the seeds,  the Buyer accepts all responsibility and liability for loss and gain for plants and flowers grown from Seller’s seeds.

SEED WARRANTY AND CONDITIONS OF SALE warrants that the seeds it sells are for planting use only and conform to the label description as required by State and Federal Seed Laws. limits its warranty and liability to the full amount of the purchase price of such seeds. makes no other warranties or guarantees expressly stated or implied about the merchantability, use, or other purpose of the seeds sold or the crops grown from such seeds.  In the event of human error in packing, labeling, processing,  or delivery of seeds,  liability  also shall be limited to the purchase price of the such seeds.  Buyer is required to notify  of any defect in the seeds within 30 days of  delivery of seeds.


By purchase of seeds,  the Buyer confirms that Buyer has read and fully understands the Buyer Responsibility, Warranty, and Conditions presented above at time of sale and agrees that at time of sale they  constitute the full agreement between and the Buyer regarding use and liability;  Buyer also agrees that purchased seeds in this sale  are to be grown for garden or cut flower enjoyment and/or flower sales. grants no seed multiplication rights or cloning rights to the Buyer for the purpose of future seed sales or genetic product development. 

By purchase of seeds, the Buyer agrees and fully understands that all photos, logos, artwork, product descriptions, and any other digital images on the website are the exclusive property of NuFlowers, LLC dba  No licenses or authorizations for use are granted to the Buyer by the purchase of seeds;  no reproduction,  screen capture, or image cropping rights are  granted to the Buyer or  third party agents thereof for commercial use without written permission from NuFlowers, LLC.


Prior to any legal proceeding,  Buyer agrees to pursue arbitration or mediation in any state where such process is prerequisite for failure of seeds to perform as indicated on seed labels.  The Buyer shall file official complaints with appropriate State officers in a timely manner so that inspection may be done as necessary.  A copy of the complaint shall be sent to as provided by state laws.


All sales are final. does not allow seeds to be returned unless it is determined that there is an error in packaging  or delivery.   In such cases,  returns must be authorized by contacting customer service at and requesting an authorization number.   Once an authorization number is obtained,  seeds must be returned  in the original,  unopened and undamaged package within 15 days of authorization with the authorization number clearly visible on the outside of the packaging.   We will either replace seeds or refund the Buyer’s money.   Unauthorized returns of seeds will not be accepted.

In the event that Buyer demonstrates that  seeds do not conform to label claims,  Buyer must notify in writing.  Returns of such seeds will not be permitted after 30 days from purchase date.  Return of non-conforming seeds must be authorized by contacting customer service and requesting an authorization number. Seeds must be returned within 15 days of authorization with the authorization number clearly visible on the outside of the packaging. will either replace the seeds or refund the Buyer’s money.   Unauthorized return of seeds will not be accepted.