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Orange Ruffles – Now Available!

Product Information

We discovered a unique new petal type we had not seen before in sunflower. Orange Ruffles dresses up the typical sunflower plant you have always known and makes it stand out in the garden. Everybody will look twice when they see a fully branched plant loaded with deep orange ruffled petals surrounding dark centers. Orange Ruffles is perfect for bouquets by itself or mixed with any of our other sunflowers. We think it goes especially well with Stella Gold, Starburst Aura, and Joker.

Petal Color : Orange
Face Color : Dark
Pollen : No
Stem Type : Branching
Maturity : Medium
Height : 4ft (120cm) to 6ft (150cm)
1000 Seed Weight : 20 grams
Uses : Unique Petal, Bouquet
Ideas to try : New petal discovery, try mixing with Starburst sunflowers! requires a minimum purchase total of $15.00 on all orders. We realize that this policy is not always convenient to you, our valued customer.

However, the real constraints of packaging, shipping, and internet sales dictate this minimum transaction amount if we are to remain a viable business that continues to bring you innovative sunflower offerings.

We invite you to sample other varieties to complete your minimum order.

Thank you!

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